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Tom and Jon have been neighbours since early childhood. Jon moved to Tom´s hoods when they were only three years old. In the beginning they were bitter enemies but soon they realised that they have a lot in common and became friends. Both of them are restless and daring souls who have tendency to agitate each other into thrilling ventures. Together they have gone through countless tricky situations and down the road have become blood brothers. In school, their rebellious hearts have put them on crashing course with both authorities and most co-students.

The sadistic math teacher, Mr. Petjoy-Davidsson, has put the boys under special supervision, and is eager to deliver punishments to them with any excuse. Boys have also became favorite nuisance of bitter old chemteacher, Ms. Twigle. And if it is enough to be tortured in classes by these two teachers, shady school cook and crazy cleaning lady are lurking an opportunity to cause troubles for boys as well. Actually, Cook and Maid are frightening all the pupils equally, and it is a mystery for most of student's why those two creepy persons are hired into school in the first place.

Also other school rebels, especially the notorious Ully-gang, see the boys´ bold attitude as a threat to their own influence. That has caused various clashes between our boys and malevolent UllyBullies usually ending unfortunately for Tom&Jon´s behalf, because UllyBullies are abnormally sturdy for their age. Sturdy for his age is also Fatboy Badenhoff. And no wonder, all he care about is eating. Everyone who stands between him and his next meal, is in danger to get squashed. Unexpectedly, the nerd of the school is adding serious dangers into school as well. For some reason he sees it hilarious to sow his selfmade bombs everywhere, cackling spitefully when traps go off. In this atmosphere, Tom and Jon are used to count on only each others. While in jungle, it is better to be on top of the food chain.

This school year has started as any other. After the summery freedom, soul-destroying reversion into class room, amongst dry teachers and ugly bullies…with one meaningful exception! This semester, Tom and Jon´s class has got a new student. And not just any new student but Sue, an extremely fascinating young lady! Both boys fell in love in a moment they saw Sue. And their delight, this feeling seemed to be mutual. Well, both their delight and annoyance. That is, Tom and Jon noticed that Sue seems to like both of them! (And is it any wonder? Boys are as like as two peas.) That has turned blood brothers against each other and now they both are giving their best effort to impress the beautiful Sue. Both boys have decided to mark every inch of classroom with their personal signature, to truly show who the top dog is. That is how tag wars began…

Boys have had loads of fun while trying to beat each others in a game which both of them know so well. It is just that rumbling through the school and “violating everything their stumble across has gotten boys in even deeper trouble than usual. Leaving their personal signature in every crime scene is not exactly a thing which would help them to avoid consequences. It starts to seem that there is no time for other after school activities besides detention. Sue is the first one who get tired of this. It is not that boys' ventures are not flattering her, but it would be nice to spend some time with Jon and Tom after school as well. When she tells this for his suitors, Tom and Jon ask her openly to be their judge and tell which ones heroic deeds she consider more heroic. Sue has now a tough choice to make. And so she make up a competition with rules. Now boys have a series of tag related missions to accomplish and they have even higher thrust to prosper than before. Namely, Sue has promised reward a winner with a kiss…

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