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Players and Stats

With the purpose of creating a more closer identification with the player characters, it is possible for the users to type in their names and associate themselves to a particular one. This can be done in a second step of the game start interface:

Player menu

Typing in the names is especially interesting when viewing the game results. During the game, various statistics are collected, so that can be shown when it is finished. This provides an amusing feedback of the players' development.

Game results

When playing a tournament, the statistics of the various games are joined together and can be viewed when all the maps have been played.

Tournament results

Collected user statistics include:

  • Number of matches won
  • Number of matches lost
  • Total number of powerup effects
  • Total number of positive powerup effects
  • Total number of negative powerup effects
  • Total number of tags done
  • Total number of tag points achieved
  • Total number of tags lost
  • Total number of tag points lost
  • Total number of tags cleaned
  • Total times fainted
  • Total times beaten up
  • Total times slipped
  • Total pickups thrown
  • Total damage suffered
  • Total damage healed
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