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First sketches of the Nerd

This character was not based on any real life person in particular, but it was designed in accordance with the idea that almost everyone has of a typical “nerd” who only thinks of studying and whose social life boils down to the relationship of flattery that has with his teachers. It’s thin and frail, wears very upstanding and “neat” clothes, with the tight shirt up to the last button, with elbow and knee pads to indicate the presence of his mother on the clothing choices. He always carries a book that helps to enhance their specific personality and also balances him in terms of composition (visually as the area of his head has a very strong weight in relation to the body). Despite these details that help to build this character, the thing which defines him even more is his enormous head (as a suggestion from someone who has a big intelect), whose hair is well combed and have a classic style (to suggest the paternal presence as the model that he follows). But what most defines it as a “nerd” are the huge glasses (whose arc shape gives an weak and permissive expression to his eyes) with a piece of tape to show little concern for his physical appearance. In terms of color, this is a character like the others, who we wanted to be colourful and yet balanced.

Movements and Animations


Also for this character the locomotion movements were made to be in line with its physical structure and the weight of the prop (the book) that constantly carries. But the most important aspect of this character is that capital moment in which he reacts more actively with the mechanics of the game: the moment that he yells for teachers to make a complain. It has to be perfectly convincing and revealing of his personality. We intend this animation to be very dynamic in terms of body gestures, and so we introduced a rotating “above the waist body-movement” to give the notion that he was screaming for someone who is not in a specific place, but close enough to hear it. His facial expression is modified in this action to give a more dramatic effect, and also here the direction in which his face looks seeks to capture the attention of users. To effectively illustrate of what he would complain about, we used a symbol of a hand tagging, such as in a typical comics balloon.

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