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Level Backgrounds

Level backgrounds: Math Classroom, Chemistry room, Canteen

As its name indicates, the essential function of a background should be to define the general environment on which the game unfolds, contributing to its visual enrichment but without forgetting its importance for the gameplay: it is the one that dictates the rules. That also happens in the particular case of the backgrounds of this game, since their tables are where the tags have to be written on and it is through them that all the characters move and interact, their chairs could be thrown by the protagonists and is through their doors that the teachers, the cook and the maid could come to perform their functions.
Each room has furniture visually oriented and standardized according to their own theme, and willing to be orthogonal to meet the programming needs.
For the math room, the intention was to represent a vulgar room common to other courses, with a grid layout with a well-defined structure of 5 x 4 elements (tables).
In the case of chemistry class, the layout of tables is quite different, also because of their different size and shape. In this room, some tables are connected in L and others are isolated, and create orthogonal spaces between them.
Regarding the canteen, here the stereotypical aesthetics of an area for meals distribution can be observe, with a counter made up of several “retrocounters” (as it is called in the restaurant sector) and wide tables lined up, creating orthogonal spaces between them.
Although each room tables and chairs differ according to their specific features, between those three spaces there is a similar aesthetic: the point of view is the same, they all have the same type of windows and doors, they all have school slate-boards and cork-frames. These common denominators between them was thought to create a global identity (which anyone can sense that they coexist in the same building) in which users are able to review themselves and assimilate more easily.
Chromatically the goal was to keep on with the philosophy of a colorful and fun aesthetic, but without jeopardizing the functioning of the characters and the general mechanics of the game … for this reason we used a generalized form of light colors with brownish tones in the room of mathematics, greenish tones in chemistry class and various color shades in the case of the canteen.

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