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The Maid was not inspired by anyone in particular, except perhaps in the famous Mr. Magoo and his meager visual skills, and because of that she has big glasses that magnify her eyes in a comical way. Usually the school maids aren’t so old, but it was necessary to insert this dimension to this character to reinforce the arduous task that she has to do in the game. By that way anyone could imagine how many decades this woman has spend to clean up the students blunders, which resulted in her stooped posture. Besides that, the factor of age in this character reaches the full spectrum of age intended for this game. Her clogs and socks drooping because of the lost elasticity by so many times using it, helps the construction of her personality. Props like a duster, which visually represents itself as the ideal tool to have visual prominence in its interaction with the game. Chromatically speaking, the shades of blue of the duster stand out from the rest, and the intention was to reach again the formal balance of the whole character, through the use of a gray color for both work-gown and hair, and also the use of yellow-banana for her sweater, cap and cleaning cloth.

Movements and Animations


This character has very unique movements due to her age and physical condition. Specifically, the intention was to give the idea that this character “drags” her feet on the floor… and because of the bone structure of people of older ages is not the same as when they were young, she sways the hips because of the weight that their fragile legs have to bear. The movement that the duster makes because of her body swinging is vital to the dynamism that it has been considered important for this character. Its most prominent animation occurs when she leans her body even more over the desks because of the cleaning that she has to do. Because this character is nearsighted, she has to get as close as possible to the place that she will clean, a characteristic of people with such vision difficulties.

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