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First sketches of the girl

Although the participation and number of appearances of this character in the game is limited, the same is not true of the importance for the foundation of the whole game: she is the reason why players will compete. So, Sue had to be particularly delicate and cute… but in a consensual way. Sue’s looks also needed to belong to the same “tribe” of the protagonists, in order to justify their mutual interest. For this reason, her facial expression is similar to the protagonists (although the face is more elongated and “eyelashed”)… her hair also have a similar style to her suitors, but longer and combed reversed (see also shows only a eye, the other is being blocked in a naively sensual way by a lock of hair). Her dress style shows her personality traits, where it can be seen that she is still a candid and innocent girl whose unique concerns lies in the choice of her lover: hence the introduction of collegial style neckpiece, and ribbon and tie that involves her chest. The color choice is again obvious: the color pink (in various color shades) as an iconographic symbol of a girl.

Movements and Animations


As mentioned earlier, Sue has a relatively meager amount of appearances comparing to the other characters, but sufficientelly important to justify the same level of commitment. Basically Sue has her locomotion movements as animations, which we wanted to be as consistent as possible with their condition as a girl. Visual elements, such as her hair and dress with a tie in the back, help lend some dynamic to the character. To simulate the time when she selects her preferred boy through a kiss, the choice fell on the use of hearts that hide the action, as revealed by the sound of a kiss … it was considered a good way to solve the issue, giving it some mystery.

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