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“Tagged!” is a 2D Game, designed for two players. The game story is based on a love triangle, between the two protagonists, which are rivals – Tom and Jon, who both compete for a girl in class. The game setting is a school classroom and takes place during a break between classes. The teacher is absent and all the students are standing, although not always next to their desk. The goal for each player is to write their own names– tag - in as many desks as possible during a time limit, winning points by each desk with is name, and earning three points if the desk belongs to the teacher. One player can erase each other’s name from a table, and write their own afterwards. Besides having to deal with each other, there are additional opponents to the players, such as the teacher and the other students – the bullies. Since they don´t like the idea of having their own desks written on, they react by beating up the player at fault, which makes him lose health and will delay him. The more the player tags, the more he wins points: the one that reaches the highest score in equal time wins and gets the prize – the girl's kiss.

(To be Updated)

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