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Game Overview

Game Concept

“Tag Tournament!” is a 2D Game, designed for two players. The game story is based on a love triangle, between the two protagonist school students, which are rivals – Tom and Jon, who both compete for a girl in class. They do so by drawing graffiti hearts with their own names and the girl's - tagging - in as many spots as possible, while trying to survive the many obstacles and foes (starting by each other) that oppose such behavior in a school environment.


Tag Tournament includes the following features:

  • 2-Player action game for playing on the same computer
  • Two gameplay options: Tournament and Practice
  • 6 different game modes, unlockable by progressive playing
  • 6 levels of difficulty, 1 unlockable by progressive playing
  • 3 levels, each on a different school setting
  • 13 characters, with 6 different behaviors
  • Multiple action styles, including tagging, cleaning and fighting
  • 16 Powerups with varied effects, powers and durations
  • Easy and nice looking GUI, allowing easy game configuration
  • Cheat Codes

Game Background

This game is a sequel to the 2010 game “Tagged”, developed by this very same team.


Tagged Tournament fits into the category of casual multiplayer action games.

Target Audience

This game is targeted for all ages (recommended over 10 years) and genders, for any audience that likes to compete against friends in a quick and casual way.

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