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Game HUD

HUD (heads-up display) is the method by which information is transmitted to the player. While in some games such HUDs are organized through some transparent overlays, in Tag Tournament the elements are, as possible, integrated within the context of the game world.

Game timer

On time-limited games, a clock is usually shown on a back wall, with a pie-shape. Its colors give further indication of how close the timer is to reaching the end. It starts green, turning to orange in the second half and red in the last quarter of the defined time.

Information on the players score or health is displayed on a board standing on the back of the room. Identified by both names and colors, players can obtain constant feedback on their current status without additional elements that may obscure the view.

Game Scoreboard

Player with two active effects

When a player picks up a temporary or progressive powerup, a miniature of the icon is displayed below the affected player while the effect is active. This provides some information, while not being intrusive.

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