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Tag Tournament Download

Game Download and Instructions:

A archive file with the game can be downloaded in the following links:

Tag Tournament v.1.0
Tag Tournament v.2.0 (Released 26/11/2011)
Tag Tournament v.2.01 (Released 28/11/2011)
Tag Tournament v.2.1 (Released 07/12/2011)
Tag Tournament v.2.11 (Released 08/12/2011)
Tag Tournament v.2.12 (Released 14/12/2011)
Tag Tournament v.2.2 (Released 15/1/2012)
Tag Tournament v.2.21 (Released 16/1/2012)
Tag Tournament v.2.3 (Released 15/11/2012)
Tag Tournament v.2.3.1 (Released 09/07/2013)
Tag Tournament v.2.3.2 (Released 12/07/2013)

Unzip the file, and then start the game by double-clicking the TagTournament.exe file.


Tag Tournament requires two essential applications to be installed, namely:

.NET Framework 4
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

If you run into trouble when trying to run the game, you're probably missing one of these installations.

Unlocking all Modes

If you wish to play the game with all modes unlocked, you can replace the .sav file with this. The file must be put in the same folder of the game executable.

An alternative consists in using cheats as explained in the Cheats section.

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