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Tag Tournament features multiple difficulty levels, 5 being available when playing the game the first time, and 1 being unlockable. They are the following:

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Tagferno (unlockable)

The choice on the difficulty level can made in the game configuration menu, before starting to play:

Difficulty levels affect many gameplay aspects, namely:

Regarding Powerups:

  • Frequency of powerup appearance
  • Duration of powerup appearance
  • Duration of powerup effects

Regarding Players

  • Recovery rate of tag, when tagging or cleaning left uncompleted
  • Player Tagging Speed
  • Player Cleaning Speed
  • Player Damage when throwing objects
  • Heal amount when tag is finished
  • Health recovery when fainted
  • Faint duration

Regarding Npcs:

  • Frequency of walking
  • Number of cleans done by the Maid before leaving
  • Time taken before a bully gives up on chasing a player
  • Speed when chasing
  • Teacher appearance frequency
  • Npc damage (for both teachers and bullies)

Regarding Pickups:

  • Time necessary for a pickup to reappear after being thrown and destroyed

Regarding Game modes:

  • Golden tag change frequency
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