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Concept Art

The concept art was conceived thinking in an 2d casual game. The design type is clean, with strong bright colors and thick contour lines.

Tagged Tournament keeps the chosen design of the Tagged! characters, but with significant improvements, regarding a better coherence with the main style of the design and having in consideration the creation of new scenarios and new characters.

For now, the game have three diferent scenarios: the Math Classroom, the Chemistry ClassRoom and the Canteen. But we have already in mind others that as those three make part of the school imaginary, like for example: the Gymnastic Class, the Bathroom, the Lockers Corridors, the Outside Playground, and many more… In relation to the characters, adding to the already existing

Since the game takes place on classrooms, the world of each scenario is limited to each one of those specific classes, who concentrates the full attention of the players.

The environment perspective is like an ¾ aerial view, wich shows the world and characters seen by front and slightly from above the ceiling: we can call that an “God View” . The characters and them animations are showed by four views: front, back, right side and left side.

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