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This character is a mixture between an caricature of the collective memory of a cook (for being fat) and the black cook of South Park, which is very much appreciated by the authors of this game. His vestment is strongly characterized by the stereotypical props of a chef, such as a cook’s coif and a white apron. The clothes design is simple to emphasize the fact that this character is an employee and therefore has to use a standardized uniform of his profession. The insertion of hair on his arms and chest brings to this character the feeling that he is a “macho”, a strong man by which everyone must respect. His facial expressions are shaped by his typically african face, where a large and broad nose and thick lips had to exist. His huge body defines and is defined by his personality and his profession.

Movements and Animations


Like his fellows vigilants (the mathematics teacher and the chemistry teacher), the moment that captures the protagonists tagging is illustrated by a specific sound and a series of lightning bolts and stars that come from his head. His walking movements are directly related to his physical scale, where his abdominal prominence is explored. His props, the apron and the cap’s cook, helps giving him more dynamic.

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