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Concept Document

About this document

This document constitutes only a first sketch of the conception, therefore details (levels content, names, characters, etc.) may change during development.


Tagged Tournament is a sequel of Tagged!, a two-player game where the players compete against each other on a school scenario, scoring by tagging student desks with their names in order to conquer the heart of a girl and surviving the many dangers that such scenario encompasses.

Player motivation

The player will be motivated by the competition against a player on the same computer, in order to achieve the highest score in all game variants.

Unique selling Proposition (USP)

Unique gaming concept, having casual multiplayer possibilities and diversity of game modes. Identification with an experience of real life such remarkable as the school.

Target market

This game is targeted for all ages (recommended over 10 years) and genders, for any audience that likes to compete against friends in a quick and casual way.


Tagged Tournament fits into the category of casual multiplayer action games.

Target rating

Although the concept of the game is simple and fun for all ages, some mild violence suggestions would rate the game for everyone over 10 years old (E10+).

Target platform and Hardware requirements

The game is targeted for the PC/Windows platform.



Competitive analysis

  • The Classroom: Also school-themed action game, although different concept
  • Bomberman Series: Also 2D multiplayer action games, although different concept
  • Skool Daze: Also school-themed, conceived for Spectrum, similar character types, but different concept
  • Bully: Also school-themed, yet quite different concept
  • Unreal Tournament: Also tournament-oriented, yet quite different concept


The game goals are to provide a fast-paced multiplayer gameplay for other players, enabling a more casual, but also more hardcore gaming, if desired. The identification with a real place where everyone lived and the comical sense of the game concept and events contribute to a greater entertainment for the players.

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