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Concept Art

The concept art was conceived with a casual 2D game style. The design type is clean, with strong bright colors and thick contour lines. Tagged Tournament keeps the chosen design of the Tagged! characters, but with significant improvements, regarding a better coherence with the main style of the design and having in consideration the creation of new scenarios and new characters.

For now, the game has three different scenarios: the Math Classroom, the Chemistry Classroom and the Canteen. But other settings have been considered, which are also part of the school environment, for example: the Gymnastics Class, the Bathroom, the Corridors with Lockers, the Playground, and many more… Each scenario and elements such as the furniture and other objects were designed according to each kind of setting.

Regarding the characters, adding to the already existing characters in the previous version of “Tagged!”, five new were created in order to increase the number of available interactions and type of events… always considering the stereotypical imagery of the school. Each character has different animations, according to his personality and physical attributes. The characters and their animations are showed in four views: front, back, right side and left side. In the subsections of this chapter, the various animations of all characters are presented in a gif form in order for the whole animation to be perceived. However, it is important to mention that the drawings were organized into sprite sheets, which is normally the standard import format in game engines.

Sprite sheet of player while throwing an item

The environment perspective is a kind of an ¾ aerial view, which shows the world and characters seen by front and slightly from above the ceiling: we can call that an “God View” . All menus and other sort of signs and helping instructions were designed to consistently make part of the whole.

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