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Chemistry Teacher

First sketches of the Chemistry Teacher

Once again, here too there is an association with a person who really exists: a chemistry teacher of one of the authors of this project, which was not blonde like this character, but had all their physical characteristics. The clothing is classic, essentially described by a female teacher-gown which has test tubes (in a pocket), and topped with a bow tie to remember her womanhood. Formally it is a figure of middle age, with all the physical consequences which that entails, with an armed hairstyle, backed by pounds of lacquer. Her face is longilign and vertical, interrupted by the horizontality of her glasses on the tip of the nose, a symbol of a sharp looking that has already watched over several classrooms. Chromatically, once more a palette of bright colors was chosen, balanced by the gown’s pink color shade. It was essential that the lips were bright red, matching the heels of the same color. The controlling posture identified by the hands behind the back, matches the character to her role in the game.

Movements and Animations

Chemistry Teacher

Just as her fellow math teacher, there was an attempt to suggest the idea of surveillance and to introduce it in her walking movements, through the undulating movement of the arms. As previously mentioned, the moment, that this character catches the protagonists tagging, is illustrated by a specific sound and a series of lightning and stars emanating from her head.

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