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First sketches of the bullies

The basic idea for the construction of these characters lived in a real famous person: the football player Cristiano Ronaldo. And why? Because quite frankly it was considered that his physical aspect is of a vulgar “bully” (especially his face), also has an interesting feature that is the ideal posture for these characters: his famous posture of confrontational and challenging when he’s going to score an free-kick! But the similarities end there, besides he also wears caps, the CR9 doesn’t have the same facial expressions as these characters. So the choice fell on the choice to emphasize the aggressive gesture that their posture indicates, through large eyes accented by thick eyebrows in V shape, and an unkempt hair (to illustrate the numerous times they get into fights), stifled by the typical baseball cap with the visor facing backward. All elements based on stereotypes of people quarrelsome and contentious, inflated by more than a casual cheap sweater and by shorts and slippers to indicate that their social status is not the highest. The first Bully to be created was the one with the green shorts and cap, and the idea was to complete the RGB system started with Tom and Jon … but later, with the need to extend the gang of bullies, the primary and complementary colors were explored, using of a variety of simple and compound colors.

Movements and Animations

Bully Kully Rully

In addition to the displacement movements consistent with their physical and aggressive attitude towards others, there was the idea to produce a caricaturize of a moment these characters confront the players … so the choice was to cover the whole fight scene with a cloud of smoke and a dynamic amount of graphical symbols frying from the inside. It was of general consideration, that rather than showing everything, it is better to only lift the tip of the veil and leave a the hint of what is happening implicitly.

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