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Artificial Intelligence

Being more oriented on two player gaming, Tag Tournament has few instances where AI plays an important role. Computer controlled actions include, for example:

Bully pursuing a player
  • Detecting when a table is tagged, checking if it has an Npc owner and if so, triggering the appropriate action
  • Making the npcs walk around the classroom
  • Forcing the bullies pursue and beat the players
  • Forcing the nerd to call the teacher
  • Call the teacher and order it walk around
  • Call the maid for table cleaning
  • Having the fat boy walk around and drop food
  • Etc.

Most of these actions are randomly triggered, according to the difficulty levels. It it important to mention, though, that all AI movements have to be calculated, sometimes at every step led by the Npc. This is achieved by an A* algorithm, which is oriented by the grid-like structure of every map. This way it is possible to imbue the Npcs with an intelligent path-finding ability.

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