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User Interface

Tag Tournament features an attractive, accessible and intuitive Graphical User Interface for easy game launch and configuration. This interface has been conceived in a separate module, called XsInterface, whose development has been started in the past, but has been improved progressively according also the arising need of Tag Tournament.

XsInterface features:

  • Flexible keyboard and mouse control
  • Windows and panels, containing multiple controls, such as button, textboxes, labels, images, checkboxes and many more
  • Window managers, including animated transitions
  • Definition of multiple styles, such as colors

Being flexible enough, it is possible to change, during the game, the look-and-feel of the interface through the “Graphics” option (Start Menu → Options → Graphics).

Graphics Menu

When the application is started, the main menu is presented, which is the central hub for all gaming possibilities. From here, the user can:

  • Start a new tournament or practice game
  • Access the options menu which allow control, sound, graphical configuration as well as cheat validation
  • View the credits
  • Access help tips
  • Exit the game
Game Start Menu

Other examples of Tag Tournament menus have been presented in previous sections (or will still follow). Not yet mentioned, however, is the existence of a credits menu, containing all the author names. This shows an example of the scrolling possibilities that the XsInterface posses.

Credits menu
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