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In order to make the game more engaging and dynamic and also to establish a bigger involvement with the players, there are 16 powerups that could be used. They can be divided into three categories:

  • Temporary: These powerups apply some kind of effect when picked up, affecting a player stat (moving speed, tag speed, clean speed, damage, etc.) for a short while and restoring the original values when it wears off. Each effect lasts for a certain time, which varies depending on the powerup and on the chosen difficulty level.
  • Progressive: Applies an effect constantly for a certain period of time, such as healing or damaging a player.
  • Instant: Activate an effect instantly when picked up, wearing off right away.

Also, within each category, two subcategories can be defined:

  • Positive: Affects the player that picks up the powerup in a positive way, providing some kind of advantage.
  • Negative: Affects the opponent of the player that picks up the powerup in a negative way, providing some kind of disadvantage.

Powerups appear randomly in both space and time and regardless of any player's proximity. The appearance probability is equal for each powerup and occurs in random intervals. If not picked up in a certain period of time (which is smaller with each increasing difficulty level), they disappear.

It is possible not to include powerups in the gameplay, by unchecking the corresponding checkbox in the game start menu.

The created powerups are the following:

Temporary powerups:

Running Shoes: Doubles the speed of the user.

Church Shoes: Halves the speed of the opponent.

Good Pen: Doubles the tag speed of the user.

Bad Pen: Halves the tag speed of the opponent.

Super Rubber: Doubles the cleaning speed of the user.

Small Rubber: Halves the cleaning speed of the user.

Double Damage: Doubles the player's strength when throwing objects.

Half Damage: Halves the player's strength when throwing objects.

Star: Makes the player invulnerable.

Ice cube: Freezes everyone but the character. This is supposed to allow the player to escape a bully, throw an object, as well as tag or clean a table.

Progressive powerups:

Pill: Heals the player progressively.

Poison: Affects the the opponent's health progressively.

Instant powerups:

Clock: Increases the time.

Accusing Finger: Sets an unoccupied bully after the opponent player.

Health: Completely heals the player.

Dagger: Depletes the opponents life so that he faints.

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