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Math Teacher

First sketches of the Math Teacher

The math teacher was created based on a blend of Larry David, creator of the sitcom Seinfeld, and a professor of painting one of the authors of this game (the teacher Felgueiras) because they are people whose “personality versus physical appearance” are ideal for illustrate someone a bit inquisitive, somewhat harsh and controlling (but in a comical way). The intention with this character was to create the image of a rigorous teacher, obdurate in educate their students with an “iron-fist” and make them follow the rules. His bald head suggests how the years of study and teaching have shaped his personality something severe, punctuated by a beaked and prominent nose, and marked by mass glasses style “Portuguese New State”, that for sure already uses ever since. It does not relieve the teacher-gown that identifies by all as being a teacher, and neither in classroom leaves his tie (symbol of rigid and disciplined attitude towards life). His “weapon ” is a stick with which he can point at the blackboard and discipline their students. There was this concern to balance chromatically the character creating a matching between the color of his hair and the color of his pants, visually enclosing the gown in pale blue.

Movements and Animations

Math Teacher

Regarding the movements of this character, there was the attempt to instill a sense of surveillance, enhanced by the undulating arms and stick behind his back. This character, such as other vigilant adults in this game, has an interaction with the game mechanics: the moment when he catches one of the protagonists tagging. This action was illustrated by a specific sound and a series of graphic symbols, including lightning bolts and stars, which radiate from the head of this character.

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