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Until this moment, three levels/maps have been conceived, all reflecting different schools settings. Each map has distinct colors, atmosphere, decoration, pickups, arrangements and vigilants, leading to a different experience in each one.

Although seeming continuous, maps are divided into blocks (by default, 25-pixel squares), which are especially useful for collision, item collection and AI pathfinding. This requires, however, the organization of all items in such a grid, meaning that all items should fit into multiple of such a size.
Creating a new map for Tag Tournament requires the following steps:

  • Design: Designing the map with an external drawing tool
  • Decoration and Pickups: Finding what items are decoration and what can be thrown by players
  • Visibility: Determining what objects will have to be drawn behind the characters or before, according to the circumstances
  • Exporting: Discriminating the background from the decoration, pickups and all other elements that have specific visibility status
  • Collision: Draw a small map, with resolution = originalresolution / blocksize, each block identifying if a block is occupied, free and if it can be considered a tag spot for being cleaned by the cleaning lady.
  • Preview: Conceive a small-scale screenshot of the map for preview in the practice mode map listing.
  • Importing: Add all the contents to the game's content resources
  • Declaring: Describe all the map specific information such as the door location, girl, maid and vigilant starting position as well as all the positions of the decoration, pickup and tag spot elements.

As it can be seen, creating a map is not a trivial matter, but has the advantage that is flexible and does not need additional programming.

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