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First sketches of the Fatboy

The construction of this character was extremely easy, since his name and face characterizes his personality. Everyone had at some point a fat classmate, so this character is based on stereotypes built in the collective memory. Like others, this character was based on a real person in particular: the “Piranha”, a kid who was one of the characters of the Spanish series in the early 80’s, the “Verano Azul”! He also was fat and also captured the attention and empathy of all, and was constantly eating (even while riding his bicycle !…). The physical characteristics of this very peculiar Fatboy define the way this character lives and interacts with the other characters on the game. It was considered that an open and friendly smile was the most appropriate to define him in terms of facial expression, and that smile underlines the appetite to eat of this character since one of the corners of her mouth is smeared with chocolate. Holding a chocolate bar, this guy has no clothes for his scale, which is why shows areas of his body that should be private (navel, top of the bum, etc …) which are a hallmark of someone who has several extra pounds. Here, the green color for his shorts was also used, although on a more “open” color shade, thinking always of the triad of the resulting color of RGB color system. His hair is not determinant, but there was an attempt to keep it in line with the hair of the other boys, although it is shorter to enhance his fat face.

Movements and Animations


For this character the locomotion movements were meant to be in sync with the shape of his body, which has resulted in the exploitation of the movement of some of its physical characteristics, such as his fat front and rear abdominals. These movements are more swaying than the other characters, to give the idea of the apparatus that causes someone so fat when it comes to locomotion. Since the goal was to enhance his compulsive desire to eat, the constant movement of a arm putting food in his mouth and the consequent chewing was introduced… it was important for the role this character occupies in the game, since he is always dropping food that can makes the players slip.

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