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Game Styles:

There are 6 types of planned styles:

  • Tagmatch: In Tagmatch mode the players must try to tag as many tables as possible in the given time. The one who tags the most tables is the winner!
  • Tag The One: In this mode, the players must find the girl's table. The first to tag on her table is the winner!
  • Last Tag Standing: In this mode the tables are already equally tagged. The players must try to clean each other's tags. The one who maintains the most tags is the winner!
  • Tag Domination: Each player must tag as many tables as possible and hold them in order to gain points. The one with the most points is the winner!
  • Attag: Beat the other opponent by reducing his health to zero and recover health by tagging. The one with the most health and least faints in the end wins!
  • Golden Tag: Only one specific table can be tagged or untagged at the time. Each player must run to be the first to reach it. The one with the most tags in the end wins!

Game Powerups:

All these powerups are temporary:

  • Running Shoes: Doubles the speed of the user
  • Church Shoes: Halves the speed of the opponent
  • Good Pen: Doubles the tag speed of the user
  • Bad Pen Halves the tag speed of the opponent
  • Super Rubber: Doubles the cleaning speed of the user
  • Small Rubber: Halves the cleaning speed of the user
  • Pills: Heals the player progressively
  • Poison: Affects the the opponent's health progressively
  • Double Damage: Doubles the player's strength when throwing objects
  • Half Damage: Halves the player's strength when throwing objects
  • Star: Makes the player invulnerable
  • Clock: Increases the time
  • Ice cube: Freezes everyone else, including bullies
  • Accuser: Sets an unoccupied bully after the opponent

These are one-time powerups:

  • Health: Completely heals the player
  • Dagger: Depletes the opponents life so that he faints

Cheat Codes:

  • “couldiseethenextplease” - Unlocks the next play mode
  • “iwantthatmap” - Unlocks all maps of the last unlocked play mode
  • “iwanttoplayeverything” - Unlocks all modes and maps
  • “thisistooeasy” - Unlocks “Tagferno” difficulty mode

Things that are affected by difficulty levels:

  • Health recovery
  • Bully speed
  • Npc walking frequency
  • PowerUp frequency
  • PowerUp duration
  • PowerUp effect
  • Tag Speed
  • Clean Speed
  • Maid frequency
  • Teacher frequency
  • Health recoved per Tag
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